Why build the Peppercanon?

We were tired of using stale and inferior pre-ground pepper because existing mills are slow, and we were tired of cranking ordinary pepper mills an excessive number of times to get small amounts of inconsistently ground pepper.

Is the Peppercanon REALLY better? What difference does it really make?

For professional cooks it means better food made faster. For pepper lovers it means finally getting the amount of pepper you want. It's the difference between using fresh ground and musty pre-ground pepper. It's using 15 cranks to pepper a side of brisket instead of 150. It's the ability to get super fine and super coarse pepper from one device, in seconds. It's the only pepper mill that will prompt you to say "Whoa" when you use it.

But, will there be too much pepper?

No. There will be the exact amount of pepper you want, ground more consistently, in a fraction of the time. If you want to decrease the output, either crank it less or adjust the peppercanon to a finer setting. * Unless you dial the pepper cannon wide open. Then there may be too much pepper. Use your new pepper power wisely.

Does the Peppercanon put out a lot of pepper at all settings?

No, the finer the grind, the less pepper comes out. You can adjust the Peppercanon so fine that pepper stops coming out completely. We call this setting "invisibly fine" or "inert iocane powder".

Why do you endorse the grind & shake method?

Every pepper mill can drop remnants of pepper after grinding when you set it down. After grinding, give the PepperCanon (or any other pepper mill) one shake above whatever you're seasoning before putting it down. This helps prevent wasting pepper and leaving pepper where you don't want it.

Will I have to refill my PepperCanon frequently?

The Canon holds a half cup of peppercorns, which is generous but not excessive. It's best to store peppercorns in a sealed container to prolong freshness, so we opted against a super large reservoir (and corresponding height) that would take home users a long time to empty. Plus the Pepper Canon is so easy to refill that it's no longer a chore. Pop the top, pour in fresh peppercorns, and click the top back on. No need to remove, replace, and recalibrate the PepperCanon just to refill it.

Will the PepperCanon come pre-filled with peppercorns?

The PepperCanon will ship empty, but we're researching options to include high quality peppercorns as an add-on (in a separate sealed container) after the campaign ends. We hope to source various peppercorn varieties from multiple locations around the globe so you have an amazing selection of the World's best pepper to go with your favorite new seasoning machine. If you wholesale fresh organic peppercorns, email info AT contact@shoptique.net.

Can I grind red peppercorns, and white peppercorns, and green peppercorns, and coffee, and cloves, and fennel, and anise, and coriander in it?

Yes. You should get one PepperCanon for each of those things though, or your coffee will taste extra bold & special.

Will the PepperCanon be available in different colors? I want one for each spice!

Currently, to minimize costs and simplify fulfillment the Canon will only be available in black. We're looking at the possibility of adding silicon sleeves and/or extra tops of differing colors down the road.

How do I clean my PepperCanon?

Wipe the exterior with a warm damp cloth or paper towel. It is recommended to keep the interior of the PepperCanon dry. If you must wash it, be certain to dry the interior thoroughly before refilling as it uses dry bearings, and they need to be kept dry. Do not put the PepperCanon in the dishwasher.

What if I don’t like pepper?

Purchase a PepperCanon to give away to someone who loves cooking. Right now you're thinking of someone who would love this. Get one for them.

But, I’m satisfied with my existing pepper mill, aren’t I?

Remember when you used to get up early to harness your horses to the carriage and the horses would poop so much-and it was everywhere? And then you got a Tesla? Replacing your pepper mill with a PepperCanon is like that. You won’t want to go back to the old way.

Will you ship outside the US?

Yes, flat rate USPS shipping outside the US is $18. Shipping stays at $18 even if you order multiple units.

If I'm outside the US, will I have to pay taxes and duties?

Taxes and duties differ between countries, but if your jurisdiction taxes goods shipped internationally, yes you will have to pay them when your Canon arrives. Taxes and duty are NOT included in the shop price.

Can I grind salt in my PepperCanon?

No, salt will corrode even stainless steel eventually. Plus, inside each salt crystal is… more salt! It doesn’t have any added flavor/aroma qualities that are improved by grinding, and it doesn’t degrade like pepper when pre-ground. A salt shaker (or box, or bowl) with the size salt you want is fine, unlike a pepper shaker, which is a crime against flavor.

But I like cranking my pepper mill many, many times every time I eat.

That’s not a question.

What's the downside of the PepperCanon? It can't be all sunshine and butterflies...

You'll probably go through more pepper. Also, the PepperCanon grinds more peppercorns at once so it requires more force to turn than ordinary mills at some settings. Oh, and dinner guests will try and steal it.

Who are you?

I’m a guy who cooks a lot and appreciates kitchen tools that work exceptionally well. My background is in design, and I enjoy short walks on the beach.

Why would anyone need a peppercanon?

Professional kitchens need it to save time and increase the consistency/quality of their fresh ground pepper. You need it for the same reasons, plus to prompt envy in dinner guests.

I’m against firearms, is a peppercanon a violation of my moral code?

Yes, but in the best way possible.

I’m from England where firearms are illegal, and even pointy objects are coming under increasing government scrutiny. Can I still get one?


Is the PepperCanon loud?

It is the quietest canon we've tested.

Is the Pepper Canon better than a pepper shaker?

It’s better than a pepper shaker in the same way that eating your favorite meal is better than a mouthful of cat litter.

Why aluminum?

Building it out of metal enables us to machine precision parts that fit together with exact tolerances so the results are consistent and fast. Also, aluminum is the most plentiful metal on Earth, is the easiest to recycle, and can be recycled again and again, indefinitely.

Do people really like me, or do they just come over because I have a PepperCanon?

They really like you. Aaaand the PepperCanon helps.

What should I do with my old pepper mill? Looking at it brings back unpleasant memories…

Forgive your old pepper mill. It served you as best it could.

Why didn’t you make this years ago?

I know, right? We tried for 2 years and it took longer than expected to get the details right.

Where is the PepperCanon manufactured?

Shoptique is a US company and we work with many different suppliers. The PepperCanon will be manufactured by an exceptional partner in China. It's very difficult to find quality manufacturing partners that provide both outstanding quality and value. I am always looking for top shelf suppliers and if you know of-or represent one, please contact me!

Does the PepperCanon have a warranty?

Yes, the PepperCanon has a 5 year warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship.